Get your glow on this winter with the CAT Clutch.  This smart purse has a built-in LED screen that can display endless visuals at any given time.  Through an app on your cell, choose from images inspired by 80’s video games or upload your own artwork and see it automatically appear across your clutch. The inside of the CAT Clutch is just as important because not only does it have plenty of room for your personals, but it can charge your phone while on the go.  The CAT Clutch is available as a pre-order for $450 and comes in 3 different colors (gold glitter, blue marble, white marble).


Spectacular Spec Tech:

If you wear glasses and shun the use of contact lenses like I do, you may be feeling as if you are missing out by not being able to use a pair of Snapchat’s Spectacles.  However, the tech fairy is equally giving to all because this summer we will see the release of Vue.  Vue are “smart glasses that are designed for everyday use” whether with prescription, as sunglasses, or just as a fashion accessory.  With its state-of-the-art audio technology you can kiss your earplugs goodbye because you’ll be listening to music or receiving calls through bone conduction.  Distinctive finger taps on the arm of the frames will get you going in seconds.  You can even use Vue to navigate you on the streets and tell you when to turn towards your destination.  So get your $189 ready and pick from a variety of colors and textures.



Are you the kind of eco-sensitive, responsible person who is planning ahead when your life finally ends? Check out the Infinity Burial Suit.  It’s an outfit sewn together with a specialized thread carrying mushroom spores.  These spores help your body naturally decompose into the earth. You may be thinking that cremation is another way of conserving the millions of wood used for building coffins but consider the toxins caused by embalming fluid and carbon dioxide.  So if you think this is your way of making a final statement, your wallet won’t suffer either considering the Infinity Burial Suit only costs $1,500.




Are you trying to focus and struggle to do so because your ears are sensitive to surrounding sounds?  I just may have the answer to your problem.  Adidas has launched the Z.N.E. Hoodie with noise-neutralizing ability thanks to its double-layered fabric.  It’s also oversized enough to make room for headphones or ear muffs.  The jacket has hidden zipper pockets to carry your phone and other accessories.  The Z.N.E. Hoodie is available now for both men and women with a starting price of $100.