-Created by Microsoft Research Innovation Director Haiyan Zhang

-Assists in reducing tremors caused by Parkinson’s Disease

-Vibrations take brain’s attention away from uncontrollable movements caused by the disease and therefore relaxing the limbs

-Potential to restore ability to write and draw

-Currently available only as a prototype


-Developed by University of Laval in Canada

-Monitors lungs in real-time and can assist in diagnosis of respiratory illnesses

-Receives data with each breath of wearer

-Goal for t-shirt is to send information to a computer and/or smartphone

-Does not need the use of sensors, wires, etc…

-Carries antenna made from smart textiles that cover the chest area of the wearer

-100% washable

-Currently available only as a prototype


-Absorbs blue light (computer screens, smartphones, etc.)

-100% UVA and UVB protection



-Arms on glasses feature touch sensors, microphone and audio bone conductors allowing wearer to receive phone calls and listen to music (based on mobile connectivity)

-For more information, contact: www.wavesglasses.com



My neighbor once told me I should keep my chakras covered and warm for optimal health.  I figured she would know considering she spent many years living in an ashram in India.  Little did she know, though, that one day someone with the same type of knowledge would apply it to fashion technology. Lilien Stenglein, founder of Finess Design, has collaborated with ElektroCouture to conceptualize yoga wear for the 21st century.  Inforce Yoga consists of two outfits, one for a man and one for a woman. Aside from using 3d printing and laser cutting, these garments are made with 3 separate types of smart textiles.  The underarms of the shirts are made with a fabric that is odor-neutralizing while the pocket lining is strong enough to protect the body from cell phone radiation.  Lastly, a special type of textile is used over the body’s chakra points that heats them up to keep them nice and open. For more information, contact:




I remember getting a couple of sunburns when I was younger.  As an adult, I tend to not burn but also not tan.  It’s as if my skin has chosen to turn off its sun-intake signals.  With the upcoming release of the Helios Smart Ring, I can be informed of how much or little Vitamin D my body has absorbed. Created by the Dutch health tech company, e-Senses, the smart ring wirelessly connects to an app on your phone.  It will continuously monitor your sun exposure and report in real time whether it’s time to get out of the sun or not.  e-Senses is currently working on retailing the ring for around 149 Euros in either black or white.  The Helios Smart Ring comes with its own charging station and a one-year warranty.