As social media fever continues to rise, Snapchat has announced their upcoming fashion technology release.  I’m talking about a pair of connected sunglasses called Spectacles.  By tapping on the left side of the frames, the built-in camera starts to video record for up to 30 seconds.  While in the process, LEDs light up to inform those around you that you are documenting the moment.  Video footage is then sent to your Snapchat account through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for all your friends and followers to see.  No need for anyone to miss anything anymore.  The Snapchat Spectacles will be sold in 3 colors (coral, teal and black) and retail for around $130.



As Olympic fever continues to rise in Rio, let’s check out the most innovative fashion item introduced during the game’s opening night. I’m referring to the Illuminated Flag Bearer Jacket created by Ralph Lauren.  The navy blazer has a standard and preppy look …that is, until the wearer reaches for a small control device that lights up the Olympic logo and the abbreviated USA (located at the front and back of the jacket respectively).  This technological feat was accomplished by creating specialized “electroluminescent panels” that are battery-operated and able to be seen from long distances.  I hope that Ralph Lauren considers delving more in fashion technology since his previous developments (PoloTech shirt and the Ricky Bag With Light) have been so well-received.



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There seems to be a new social media site or app lurking around every corner I turn.  Although I make a promise to myself that I will not allow my curiosity to get the best of me, chances are that eventually I will give in to temptation.  What that means is more time staring at either a computer or a smartphone and less time engaging in human activities.  I know I am not the only one but do I really want to consider seeking rehab? New Yorker Chino Kim has developed wearable technology to help me and others combat this problem. It’s a pair of glasses called Screeners that turn opaque when you look at a screen.  Opaque…meaning it will disrupt my ability to see virtual reality motioning me over.  Is there a catch? Slightly, yes.  You must be comfortable wearing a webcam on your head.  It’s what detects when you look at a a screen whereby it notifies your smart glasses and voilà…you are visually shielded away from screen sinning.




Have you ever overspent and felt the need to be punished? Do you believe that through pain you could learn to be smarter with your monetary allowance? Interact IoT is a banking hub that is willing to lay down the law and work with you.  By linking your credit cards or bank account with Interact IoT, you can establish your spending parameters with them.  Should you cross over the forbidden zone, it will connect to your wearable devices and provoke an undesired reaction (i.e. an electric shock from the Pavlok wrist wearable).  I am not quite sure how many zaps a typical person would need to break a bad habit but hey, if it works for some, then great!





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