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David Wolfe, Creative Director for The Doneger Group, is on the look-out for the first big techno fashion designer.

“Is there still life left in the tired concept of the Designer-as-Celebrity? Is there any room left for new talent when Michael Kors rules the roost?  Designers disappear, but their labels linger on and keep multiplying without them.  Calvin Klein.  Valentino.  Chanel.  Christian Dior.  Whose designing?  Who cares?  Vogue introduced eight “Young Guns” including Christopher De Vos, Jonathan Anderson, Simon Rocha, Danielle Sherman and four other unknowns.  Will they become household names? Not a one is designing hi-tech accessories or performance athletic apparel and that’s where the action is at these days.  I’m looking for a techno-geek to rock the fashion world and he (or she) is out there, ready for stardom.”