In a recent post, I covered some of the Grammy’s more technically-inspired Red Carpet outfits.  As mentioned, Pharrell Williams wore an Adidas shorts suit that reflected the light from snapping cameras.  This creates the wardrobe pieces to ​become intensely bright…glowing while darkening the immediate areas around them. Thus, the person wearing the clothes seems to disappear. ​Are we suggesting that celebrities are seeking to hide or play games with the paparazzi? DJ Chris Holmes is collaborating with crowdfunding manufacturer Betabrand to bring this ‘wearable phenomenon’ to the masses.  The collection consists of 3 items for men (hoodie, suit jacket and pants) and 2 unisex accessories (snapback hat and scarf). Prices range from $50 to $406.  


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  1. I have to say that if celebrities want privacy then they should follow the example of Greta Garbo or Stanley Kubrick and actually be private and avoid public events. That being said these celebs need the red carpet to promote their latest project and need to remain in the public eye. I don’t see (no pun intended) any real practical application of this technology. Also I think that the styling of this is a bit creepy in that it looks very “jihadist” which I don’t think is beautiful or modern in any way considering what is going on. There is also non-reflective tech wear that allows the wearer to not be seen even w/ infrared tech….not sure if that has any popular application, seems more appropriate for use by military/police/criminals etc. Kind of gimmicky, rather costly (how does it feel? How do you clean it?), and of course it’s not actually available. As far as the no privacy cell phone pics & drone photography issue goes maybe people should simply try to respect the privacy of others. Is it modern to be uncivil? I think not. Just thought I would put my two cents in for what it’s worth.

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