People who know Freitag are aware that they tend to think in cycles and give used materials a new life through unique bags and accessories. Now, for the first time, they’re thinking ahead. Freitag is organizing an international competition for the design of a one-off truck tarp.

Vector artists from all over the world are invited to design the two 40 square meters side tarps for a truck. The winning tarps will be fitted to a vehicle belonging to Swiss road haulers Planzer and spend the next five years doing their job in an open-air, pan-European transit museum.

1st prize: 2000 € cash and an invitation to the tarp-fitting ceremony
2nd prize: a voucher worth 1000 € for Freitag products
3rd prize: a voucher worth 500 € for Freitag products

The Selection
The Freitag jury will choose the 40 best designs from the entries that fulfill all requirements. In May 2015, the winners will be selected by a fully democratic, public online vote.

Entry Deadline
April 30, 2015

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  1. What a great idea for a contest, someone was thinking. I hope fine artists line up to enter this contest…imagine the impact of Art presented in this context…better the the “Go Van Gogh” art vans that go to schools.

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