I realize not everyone is going to buy the new Apple watch but competitors are eager to jump on the bandwagon of Apple generated interest.  The Noodoe smartwatch is taking an unusual approach, singling themselves out as the opposite of the Apple watch,  breaking away from conglomerate style choices and expressing your own customizable tastes.  It’s actually DIY design wearable tech.  Noodoe resembles a simple black wristband with a smooth interface.  The magic starts to happen after downloading its app onto your phone.  Pick from a variety of symbols or adjust the pixels to create whatever image you like.  You can also download images and photos.  Looks aside, the Noodoe has standard smartwatch functions (watch, calendar, call alerts, texts) that can each be accessed by a mere flick of the wrist.  Battery life lasts up to seven days.  The makers of Noodoe expect to release it by this summer with a retail price of $100.