If you live in an area that experiences heavy winters, then you know the importance of battling freezing temperatures and keeping warm.  I personally use heat ­retentive garments though I still need to put several layers on before I get to my desired degree of warmth.  I’m glad to have discovered Shield, a company behind a smart vest that has a built­-in heating system.  Not only does it generate heat but it also preserves your own.  Its external sensors keep you at your desired temperature and the amazing thing about all this is that you control its heating system right from your smartphone.  The vest carries a battery pack that will keep you warm and cozy for 8 hours at a time. The black Shield vest is available for men and women and runs from XS to XXL.  You can pre­-order your vest for a discounted price of $279 but once it hits the market, its retail value will slightly jump up to $329.