Not everybody wearing wrist wearables has the same needs and wants.  While some may want to monitor and connect with as many aspects of their lives as possible, others may prefer to simply remain lightly in touch with their world.  The Uno Noteband is a bracelet with a long rectangular screen.  It displays all sorts of notifications (incoming calls and texts to social media) with the integration of yet another groundbreaking invention.  Spritz technology allows for words to be read one by one in a fast paced motion. Think speed reading.  But if you are in need of responding to messages or having a conversation, you will still have to access your smartphone.  Battery life is slated to run for 3 days straight and can be recharged through a USB port.  The Uno Noteband starts to roll out its first delivery this month.  Currently it is available in black and retailing for $129.



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  1. That is a very friendly looking device, w/ interesting qualities, and I like the blue w/ brown colour combo, not typical of electronics

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