These days we spend more time sitting in front of a computer…albeit slumped over.  We know the importance of correcting our posture yet we seem to think that if we are standing, the worry need be over.  In actuality it’s not.  Zikto is a wearable device company behind the Arki.  It looks somewhat like a name bracelet except that its smart features are analyzing your walking habits.  Once it senses that you are losing your posture, it will send light vibrations to remind you that it’s time to straighten ­up. In fact its advanced technology is measuring 7,200 points from 6 different directions centered around the way you walk.  Once you download its app on your smartphone, the Arki can get a good grip of your body type and even suggest certain exercises to create a more balanced state.  Arki rolls out this June for $119 but you can pre­-order now and choose between two colors (black or dark grey).