I remember watching the movie Temple Grandin and how the lead character (dealing with autism) built a contraption that closed in on her and helped her calm down.  It’s a procedure used on livestock for the same reason and Temple found that it worked for her in much the same way.  You may agree that the Snug Vest has a very similar effect.  It’s like getting a hug for an extended amount of time.  Makes me think of when I would wrap my arms around my pillow and hold it tight.  A hand pump lets the wearer add pressure to their sides, shoulders and back while the attached hoodie can shield them away from what is going on around them.  Studies show that this type of therapy has been helpful for people dealing with sensory, mental and emotional disorders.  The Snug Vest can be purchased for $312, comes in sizes for men, women and children and is available in two colorways (red/black and turquoise/black).