Luxe tech continues. Do you have $75,000 available to spend on a single item? If so, then read on.  Last year, David Wolfe (founding father of fashion forecasting) coined the term LUXE TECH.  It refers to high-end wearable technology appealing to the luxury consumer. Not one to miss a beat, he was right on target.  The latest example is the Apollo, a smart bracelet created by Christophe & Co. The diamond-studded wrist wearable is considered tech-optional.  It is viewed as fine jewelry first and technologically advanced second. If and when you are ready to take your bracelet to another level, the company tailors its intelligent capabilities to your needs and wants.  The Apollo is guaranteed to remain technologically relevant with time so you don’t have to worry about getting a new one every so often.  You literally buy into a continuously updated product.  And don’t worry about it losing power because the battery recharges itself with the motion of your arm.  The Apollo will be constructed in very limited quantities with a few different design options and varied price points (up to $149,000).