Many years ago I bought a contraption that was to help me gain muscle in my stomach.  It looked like a cummerbund but all similarities ended there.  When worn, I would be continuously zapped so that my muscles would flex and thus create a healthier me.  This torturesome item was lent out to someone and was never to be seen again. Then again, I never asked for it back.  Now comes something much more updated and friendly: The Antelope.  Antelope is a t-shirt paired with shorts that are worn close to your body.  Built-in electrodes have the power to stimulate muscle parts when working out which in turn helps you create that much desired body in less time.  In fact, the makers of the Antelope believe that just 20 minutes of exercise wearing this outfit is as good as 3 full hours of working out without it! The Antelope is not at all wired and is run by a small water-resistant unit that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.  The app lets you adjust the settings you desire for maximum results.  Antelope has been created by a startup called Wearable Life Science. They have recently won an award for their product and are currently seeking financial assistance to bring the Antelope to market.