Products falling under fashion technology are steadily coming out but even though the idea of the product may be a good one, the design of it may not be appealing. Or perhaps the small manufacturer behind it may not have enough pull or financial assistance to keep their business consistent.  Everpurse, a small Chicago-based company that developed smartphone-charging handbags back in 2012, developed issues with deliveries.  Now they’re back and have announced their new venture with the queen of American bags, Kate Spade.  Coming this fall, the new project will unveil four intelligent bags: tote, backpack, wristlet, and clutch.  All you will have to do is pop your smartphone in your purse and place it on a smart mat that will wirelessly charge the battery in no time. And this is not just hearsay for Nordstrom will be one of the retailers carrying the line.  So you see, the fashion and tech industries do need each other and can most definitely work synergistically.  Prices of the bags will vary with the wristlet set at $198.



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  1. I knew this was a Kate Spade purse the moment I saw it! Their signature black and white stripes does not disappoint!

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