What’s your take on shock therapy? It’s been in and out of ‘fashion’ for decades.  The last time I heard someone speaking in its favor was some years ago when the actress Carrie Fisher (a.k.a. the original Princess Leia) told the press how it helped her depression.  Can impulses truly alter your moods? There’s a new wearable device called Thync.  It’s a curved triangular shape that you stick over one of your front temples (a second one is positioned somewhere in the back of your head). Wirelessly, it connects to an app on your smartphone whereby you choose to either seek relaxation or a boost in energy.  You have complete control of the intensity of the ‘zaps’ and its length.  The effects are not immediate but apparently do show up soon enough to make a difference.  The $299 product is available only in white but I swear I can already see designer logos displayed on them in the near future.