As 3D printing continues to flourish, new and innovative products are being developed left and right. Mono eyewear (based in Hong Kong) is one such example.  Glasses are made to order and come in 3 different sizes with adaptable length of temple and nose pad.  They are made out of a nylon material which keeps them light and flexible. You can request standard lenses or tinted ones and the best part is that they are interchangeable.  Just pop them out and switch. What’s also cool is that these spectacles are printed as one piece.  No need to worry of any screws falling out. Look out for them this September. Mono will release 5 different styles in a variety of colors.


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  1. I love these and want to try a pair asap…..they are a bit odd looking but “odd” in a really good way, No screws or hinges? Wow that is a step forward to a better eyeglass frame. Love these!

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