The Grip Limited is a creative ad agency that recently crossed paths with fashion and technology.  The TieFi is their idea of installing a Wi-Fi hotspot into the back of a necktie.  By following directions on their website, you can literally build your mini internet transmitter. Once programmed, your TieFi will capture your home’s Wi-Fi signal and reroute it through its own power center.  Which means your loved ones would have to be no more than 10 feet away from you to pick up its low strength signal.  Grip Limited created a video on its invention as a way for dads to keep their family members close to them. It may sound a bit gimmicky to some people but I think this is only the beginning as our lives and bodies integrate more and more with technology.


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  1. I think that since this TieFi only works within a 10ft range, which is very close, like a small bedroom size, it seems that actually speaking to one another would be easier. Also in the video they show the kids eating dinner at the table using their tablets…..I think that is a problem with there…no reading at the table is a good rule for dining, does not matter if it’s a tablet, phone or comic etc, when kids are at the table they are there to learn manners and how to behave at the table w/ others. That is a problem right there and unless kids learn manners young, then when? There are also language and development issues involved….so I have to say that I do not think this is a good product to use w/ kids…the tie is good for the man if it has greater range then 10ft. All the Dads interviewed wanted to spend time w/ their kids & family….then do that, go outside, play, do something fun & interesting together, but being in the room w/ them while they text their friends etc is not being together. So I have to say as a parent that I think this is not a helpful product to be w/ your kids, quite the contrary…..also take away their devices at mealtime (your’s too Mom & Dad) and actually look in their eyes while you speak to them, have conversations and discussions, that is how kids develop socially and that is how bonds are made and maintained.

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