Soon after fitness bands started the wearable tech revolution, we began to hear that these smart gadgets would be getting smaller and smaller.  Would you be surprised if this was already beginning to happen? Finland’s Oura is the world’s first wellness ring.  A piece of costume jewelry like no other, the Oura can compile your body’s performance at a high grade level.  Heart rate monitor? Check.  Blood-volume pulse? Check.  Body temperature? Check. Brain activity? Check.  It can even analyze your sleeping patterns and offer suggestions for a better night’s rest. All its data will seamlessly appear on your smartphone.  I’m not sure if I need to know every bit of this information as I have never asked my doctor for a print out of my body’s biorhythms. There’s obviously a market out there or else these ‘body trackers’ wouldn’t be selling.  Perhaps it is time for me to wake up and be at one with myself and get to know each and every one of my cells (!).  The Oura debuts this fall for an awesome price of $250.  It is a unisex ring and will be offered in a variety of sizes with two separate colors to choose from (white or black).  It is waterproof and battery-operated. It charges in its own case within an hour and can run for up to 3 days.  This all sounds too cool for words and it is practically forcing me to purchase one.  Have you been sold?