I wear glasses.  I’ve been “sporting” them since I was 11 years old. Last year my optometrist told me it was time for progressive lenses (as in, “you’re at the age where your eyes need a little extra something known as bifocals”).  Of course I went into denial until a few months ago when my father told me I didn’t look cool raising my cell phone to my face as my glasses lay resting at the tip of my nose.  Fast forward to this very moment: my spectacles have been updated and luckily the lenses don’t look any different (but just the idea that my eyes need more help is upsetting).  How could I turn a necessity into something fun and cool? AdlensFocuss.  The UK-based company manufactures eyewear with a side dial inside the temple arms. Using what they call Variable Power Optics (VPO) technology, you adjust the level of magnification at any given moment. It sure beats shelling out cash for updated lenses. The AdlensFocuss collection just made their debut last month. Choose from four separate style of frames (each carries a variety of of colors).  Prices start around the $1,000 mark.