​I have a rather delicate subject to talk about. Everybody does it but it is usually left unacknowledged.  It’s the other “f” word. You know what I’m talking about. Yes, that…farting.  It’s nothing to be sniffed at (no pun intended) for it is a natural occurrence of the body.  Yet its lingering effects can be quite embarrassing. Problem solved with flatulence-neautralizing apparel.  Shreddies is a British company that manufactures underwear, pajamas and jeans.  Their secret weapon is a material called Zorflex that will filter out those unpleasant odors. This particular textile is carbon-based and used in military uniforms with the power to counterbalance smells hundreds of times stronger than human gas.  Shreddies has options for both men and women in standard colors and sizes.  You can easily order online and save face.  Prices start at around $29 US dollars for a pair of women’s briefs.