When I was child, I remember how shocking it was for me to find out that bubblegum (flavored) ice cream existed.  Back then I didn’t know anything about artificial ingredients.  What I was aware of was that my mother told me I should never swallow my gum in fear that it might stick to my stomach. Therefore, wouldn’t I run the same danger by ingesting bubblegum ice cream? But the sweet scent and taste was much more powerful than my own fear and I gave in and ate my ice cream cone…and survived.  These days, just one whiff of bubblegum will immediately transport me back to my childhood innocence.  In this case I am referring to the new bubblegum pinky ring by luxury jewelry designer David Yurman.  Yes, they are scented! In fact, the limited collection offers four other colors and fragrances (cotton candy, grape, licorice and peppermint).  Set in 18-karat gold, each ring is priced at $875 and can be purchased online or at select retailers. I wonder if there is a lifetime guarantee on its aroma…