Do you remember when your mom would threaten you in order to keep tabs on your every move? She would probably say something like, “I’m watching you…I have eyes on the back of my head.” You almost wanted to believe it because it would sometimes prevent you from sticking your tongue out at her backside, afraid she would somehow just know.  Behnaz Farahi, architect and designer, has reminded me of those childhood memories with her new invention.  It’s a cropped top of material that has been 3D printed to flex like human skin.  It has a hidden camera and micro controller that read the faces of people surrounding you. Why? Because the garment’s spikey surface will mimic an onlooker’s facial expression.  This is part of an evolving interactive design movement that can truly change the way we are merging with modern technology.  I imagine the walls of my home covered in these techno fibers as a way to welcome me and keep me company.  Until then I foresee Bjork wearing Behnaz Farahi’s prototype to her next performance.

Behnaz Farahi