EasyJet, a British airline company, is celebrating its 20th anniversary by testing out new uniforms with smart textiles and wearable tech for their engineers and cabin crews.  To begin with, both uniforms will have built-in microphones so that each airline member has easy access communication with each other. For the engineers, the focus will be on a jacket that has several reflective panels and an array of LED lights.  These features allow the engineers to have a stronger light source when handling airplanes’ darker areas. The jacket also carries a mini cam so that engineers easily share problem areas of the plane with their hub.  As for the in-flight members, their uniforms carry a smart patch on the shoulders that lights up their current flight number and upcoming destination.  The women’s uniforms also have an embedded LED finish on the hem to illuminate their immediate areas should an emergency arise. These smart uniforms were created in collaboration with CuteCircuit, a fashion tech company also based in the UK.  Plans for testing out these new garments are scheduled for early next year.