Common sense tells us that if we are wearing pants to the office, we change out of them and into something more appropriate when we hit the gym (or go for a bike ride, etc.).  Well, things are changing.  The No Sweat pant by DU/ER is having a mighty successful Kickstarter run offering a type of pant that you work and play in.  It is made out of four different fabrics (Tencel, cotton, polyester and Spandex) that provide breathability, comfort, shape retention and stretch.  These trousers actually have the feel of sweat pants without looking like them.  The No Sweat pants will stretch as much as your body can, all without losing its shape.  No saggy bottoms.  And here is where the tech part comes in: they will absorb sweat and resist odors from forming! The No Sweat Pants are scheduled to be released by February of next year.  Retailed at $150, they will be offered for men and women in different styles and colors.