There’s been talk for years that one day we will be printing our own clothes.  Will this be the end of retailers? Will shopping malls truly cease to exist? 3D printers are getting smarter and more advanced every single day.  Even those individuals that scoff at applying ‘futuristic’ practices into their current lives know that we are not too far away from them…as in, not too far away from your local makerspace. Open another window on your computer right now and search for the nearest makerspace because you will want to make that connection when I tell you that your next outfit may be coming from there.  Post-Couture is a Dutch online ‘fashion service’ that offers you a line of clothing you can customize by design and size.  Once the concept is completed, the company mails you knitted fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.  You then take these textiles to a makerspace, download patterns pertaining to your ordered design and let a laser cutter form the pieces.  Once that is done, you then easily interlock the pieces together by hand (which takes no time at all) and you are set to go! An added sustainable bonus: any left over fabric can be sent back to the company where it will be recycled one again.  Prices per each design will run you between $45-$140.  Well priced for a priceless experience.