My neighbor once told me I should keep my chakras covered and warm for optimal health.  I figured she would know considering she spent many years living in an ashram in India.  Little did she know, though, that one day someone with the same type of knowledge would apply it to fashion technology. Lilien Stenglein, founder of Finess Design, has collaborated with ElektroCouture to conceptualize yoga wear for the 21st century.  Inforce Yoga consists of two outfits, one for a man and one for a woman. Aside from using 3d printing and laser cutting, these garments are made with 3 separate types of smart textiles.  The underarms of the shirts are made with a fabric that is odor-neutralizing while the pocket lining is strong enough to protect the body from cell phone radiation.  Lastly, a special type of textile is used over the body’s chakra points that heats them up to keep them nice and open. For more information, contact: