:Shoes assist the elderly in keeping balance and preventing falls :Shoes carry built-in motion sensors in the soles :When a physical imbalance is detected, the sensors will activate the shoes to readjust the wearer’s step and posture :If a fall… Continue Reading


:Helmet blocks out distracting sounds :Built-in microphone, speakers, and a specialized area to hold the wearer’s smartphone :By connecting to the wearer’s smartphone, calls can be made as well as private video conferences :Helmet is made from materials that weigh… Continue Reading


:T-shirt with climate-control capabilities is in development for cows that are generally sensitive to heat :Made by Gunze Ltd., a Japanese underwear manufacturer :T-shirt made from specialized fibers that are connected to a sensor :Sensor adjusts moisture levels by allowing… Continue Reading


:Small device helps the wearer deal with stress :Wearable is strapped around the chest :Connected wirelessly to a smartphone app and the smartphone’s earphones :Sensate analyzes the wearer’s body temperature, breathing patterns and heart rate :When stress is detected, Sensate… Continue Reading


:Smart woven metal fabric to be used by astronauts and spaceships :Created by Raul Polit Casillas, a systems engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory :Looks like chain mail but is actually printed as one piece through a highly specialized 3D… Continue Reading