:T-shirt with climate-control capabilities is in development for cows that are generally sensitive to heat

:Made by Gunze Ltd., a Japanese underwear manufacturer

:T-shirt made from specialized fibers that are connected to a sensor

:Sensor adjusts moisture levels by allowing water to be pumped into the shirt therefore cooling down the cows 



:3D printed sunglasses by W.R.YUMA are made from recycled materials

:Start-up business is based in Antwerp, Belgium

:Material used to create the frames is recycled car dashboards

:Material used to create the transparent plastic is recycled bottles

:By using 3D printing technology, the exact amount of material is manufactured thereby eliminating waste

:Once the products are launched, the customers will be able to return/recycle their sunglasses and receive a discount for a new pair




:Earbuds translate foreign languages

:Ability to translate almost instantly (with a slight second delay)

:Connected to an app that uses speech recognition

:Uses an internet connection for proper function

:Earbuds can also be used to listen to music

:Available in white, red and black

:Pre-order for $299 for a delivery this upcoming fall



:Small device helps the wearer deal with stress

:Wearable is strapped around the chest

:Connected wirelessly to a smartphone app and the smartphone’s earphones

:Sensate analyzes the wearer’s body temperature, breathing patterns and heart rate

:When stress is detected, Sensate plays relaxing music while emitting sound waves to induce tranquility

:All gathered data is available on Sensate’s app



:Smart backpack informs owner when belongings are left behind

:Wirelessly connected to a smartphone app and a series of tags that the user places on their items of choice (i.e. wallet)

:Backpack will vibrate if any tagged items are not in close proximity

:Should the backpack go missing, it can be tracked down through a GPS system on the user’s smartphone

:Uses a rechargeable battery pack that doubles as a USB charging port

:T-Track is water resistant

:Available as a pre-order for $99 (November 2017 delivery)