:Heated zip front top

:2 buttons on the sleeve allow the wearer to control heat

:Heated pads are located on the upper and lower back of the garment

:Pads heat up within 10 seconds

:Heating capabilities are charged by a USB power pack

:USB power pack can run heat for up to 8 hours

:Garment features a pocket to hold the batteries

:Garment is waterproof

:Debuts in November 2017 for $170 USD





:Shoes assist the elderly in keeping balance and preventing falls

:Shoes carry built-in motion sensors in the soles

:When a physical imbalance is detected, the sensors will activate the shoes to readjust the wearer’s step and posture

:If a fall does take place, the shoes alert the wearer’s caregiver wirelessly

:Shoes are scheduled to go into production in 2019

:Company based in Israel




:Helmet blocks out distracting sounds

:Built-in microphone, speakers, and a specialized area to hold the wearer’s smartphone

:By connecting to the wearer’s smartphone, calls can be made as well as private video conferences

:Helmet is made from materials that weigh little

:Created by Hochu Rayu (Ukraine)






:Wallet works to decrease chances of being lost or stolen

:Built-in GPS tracking system works with the owner’s smartphone

:Built-in camera takes a picture of anyone opening the wallet and instantly emails it to the wallet’s owner

:Alarm system informs the owner’s phone that the wallet has been left behind

:Built-in charger for any cell phone

:Will retail for around $238

:Scheduled to be released December 2017




:T-shirt with climate-control capabilities is in development for cows that are generally sensitive to heat

:Made by Gunze Ltd., a Japanese underwear manufacturer

:T-shirt made from specialized fibers that are connected to a sensor

:Sensor adjusts moisture levels by allowing water to be pumped into the shirt therefore cooling down the cows