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Qbracelet is a metal wrist accessory that can easily recharge your mobile device while on the go. When in need, it unclasps and plugs into your cell giving it up to 60% more battery life.  The Qbracelet is unisex and lightweight.  It is available in 3 different sizes and colors (silver, gold or black).  Unfortunately, nowhere on the product’s promotional video does it explain how the bracelet itself gets charged.  But it does show uber-cool models wearing it around New York City’s trendy Meat Packing District.  Introducing a new product without factual information about it may be the way to sell fashion but it is not the way to sell technology. Upon further investigation, I found out that the purchase of the Qbracelet includes a USB cable which connects to a computer or wall outlet for a 90 minute full recharge. Qbracelet can be pre-ordered for $98 and is expected to ship in Spring 2015.


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