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What do your nails say about you?  Maybe you consider your manicure to be a step up in modernity with all the prerequisite crystals and art work.  But could they be classified as carrying artificial intelligence? Enter Jenny Rodenhouse and Kristina Ortega, who developed a business proposal for a pop-up sensor nail salon. Recently, these two ladies held a test lab that produced smart nails flashing with LCD messages, glowing with LEDs and even vibrating as a form of notification chosen by the wearer. The concept begins with the client meeting a cutting-edge coterie of manicurists and designers to discuss ideas.  A development team would then turn to their fields in electronics and coding to bring sensor-rich nail extensions to life. Hi-tech companies have already shown interest.  Microsoft invited Kristina and Jenny to be a part of their annual Design Expo. This, my friends, is the immediate future at a hand’s reach.  Which leads me into debuting INFO INNOVAMODE’s latest tag: BEAUTY TECH.