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In a market with plenty of fitness tracking systems to choose from, you would think that everybody exercises.  Yet we don’t…but we should.  The Jawbone UP3 has been classified as “the world’s most advanced tracker known to man.” Or woman. You may be wondering what else could a wearable like this do other than register your activity and check out your heart rate.  Let’s review:
-Heart Health Monitoring: measures cardiovascular health daily and configures if there is a growing risk of heart disease.
-Auto Activity Classification: recognizes the type of activities performed over time for better analysis.
-Advanced Sleep Tracking: monitors sleeping phases-in particular REM.
Let’s not forget it is water-resistant, logs your food and drink intake, counts the calories you burned,  and many more features. The Jawbone UP3 is retailing for $179.99 and comes with a USB charger and a battery that can last up to 7 days.  It is currently offered in black and has a delivery date set for next month. A silver edition will be released at a later date.  This metallic version uses a quilted exterior which has been popularized and made iconic by Chanel.  By doing so, it turns the bracelet into more of a fashion-looking accessory. You can blend your sense of style with your wearable tech.