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Ballet is as beautiful to watch as it is painstaking to perform.  Ballet dancers endure strict discipline, sacrifice and practice in order to deliver a brief moment of live art.  Lesia Trubat, a college student from Barcelona, has invented E-Traces, a prototype pair of ballet slippers that could revolutionize and assist a dancer perfecting his/her moves.
Here Lesia Trubat explains:
“The concept of Electronic Traces is based on capturing dance movements and transforming them into visual sensations through the use of new technologies. As the ballet shoes make contact with the ground, they record the pressure and movement of the dancer’s feet and send a signal to an electronic device. A special application will then allow us to show this data graphically and even customize it to suit each user, through the different functions of this app.
The user can then view all the moves made in video format, extract images and even print them. Dancers can interpret their own movements and correct them or compare them with the movements of other dancers.
This is a project that can be extrapolated to other dance disciplines and the applications are multiple, from self- learning or dance classes to the graphical representation of live performance.”