RocketSkates…Ready For Lift-Off:

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As a child, I loved roller skating.  Later on as I outgrew my skates, I felt a disconnect with roller blades.  My long lost interest has been renewed thanks to wearable transportation by ACTON RocketSkates.  Could this be the future of shoes? Mix a pair of heels, some platforms, roller skates and the future to get a better idea.  The footplates are adjustable and strap over your footwear.  Get your motors running, tilt one of the skates forward and off you go.  Acceleration, slowing down and coming to a full stop are also controlled by the motion of your feet.  At 12 mph you can speed you way around for 6-10 miles depending on which of the three models you choose.  The RocketSkates require 1 1/2 hours of charging and an accompanying app audits their battery life.  Prices start at $499 and each of the three versions has its own colorway.