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In a previous post, TECH STYLE NEWS reviewed the True Love Tester bra and its ability to come undone upon detecting the wearer’s love biorhythms.  Upon further investigation, we have come across two other recent conceptual brassieres that are worth mentioning.
Australia’s Bionic Bra aims at providing the right amount of support with any given physical activity.  The bra is made from smart textiles that contain coiled fishing line in its fibers.  This allows for the bra to either tighten up or loosen depending on how it senses the wearer’s movement.
Japanese lingerie manufacturer, Triumph, has developed a bra to promote sisterhood.  The Close Sisters Bras  have cups made out of electronic paper that double as a viewing screen.  When two friends wearing the Close Sisters Bras come into close contact, the bras respond by changing into a matching color and pattern.  (TECH STYLE NEWS would like to thank Cirilo Rios for the lead on the Close Sisters Bras)
Although the aforementioned remain prototypes, it is only a small matter of time before advances in technology and science will turn these types of inventions into mass market products.
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