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Soomi Park is a multimedia artist from Korea whose current social message integrates beauty and wearable technology.  The LED Eyelash Project reflects the ongoing trend for Asian women to desire wider, bigger eyes.  There are current tricks in makeup that can enhance the shape of the eye such as shading and the use of fake eyelashes.  Some people may even resort to cosmetic surgery for permanent results.  Soomi simply poses the question as to why such a need exists. She has created strips of LEDs that curve around the bottom of your lower lashes.  A connecting see-through wire runs into the back of the ear where the batter rests.  These LEDs not only glow brightly but can sense your head’ s movement and flicker accordingly.  I can easily imagine a young club-goer choosing to wear the LED Eyelash Project for a fun evening out.


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  1. I think these are funky and, yes, becoming quite a hit in clubland.

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