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If I had something (a message, maybe…or my own artwork) that ​I wanted the world to know, I would wear a t​-​shirt by Flashion Statement.  Founded by Andrea Miller while still completing her undergraduate degree, her apparel company manufactures tops with graphics that light up.  You can shop from a variety of designs on her online store or customize an item with your own artwork.  The LED tees, tanks and sweatshirts use a set of batteries that can last anywhere from 15-24 hours.  Each garment can either be dry cleaned or hand washed by simpl​y​ removing the batteries.  Flashion Statement has a couple of other surprises but I will leave you to discover them on your own.  What I will add is that their current men’s and women’s collection is highly affordable with prices beginning at $19.99.  As for customized items, a $50 set​-​up fee starts the process to your very own ​illuminated creation. [twitter-follow screen_name=’techstylenews’]