The Pebble is a smartwatch that relied on crowdfunding for realization. After much success, it has returned to Kickstarter in order to finance its latest development: ​Pebble Time.  This version is 20% thinner and has a built-in microphone for voice messages and memos.  The watch is similar to its original as it gives notifications when you receive a text, email or call.  Scroll and read through past or previous appointments and reminders on its colored screen or have it connect with your smartphone for fitness tracking.  The Pebble Time is water-resistant with batteries that last 7 days.  Pebble originally was seeking $500,000 but as of this post, it has received over 11 million dollars in pledges.  The Pebble Time is seeking to debut by May for a retail price of $200 and in 3 separate colors (black, white and red).