The biggest wearable tech news yet happens on the 24th of April when Apple will officially retail its smartwatch.  Pre-orders start on the 10th and I can already imagine the never-ending lines at the stores.  Will this be the only piece of technology one needs? No, but we already knew that. It requires an iPhone as a companion to use all its amazing features.  As with the company’s previous releases, we gladly enjoy new inventions inevitably followed by updated editions to keep our tongues wagging and our credit cards charging.  But what miracles does it promise to perform, and for how much? You won’t find any information in the elegant insert in American Vogue that presents it as a stunning techcessory, forget about the fabulous function. Oh well…who cares, right? It is after all, a new form of fashion and fashion does not necessarily worry about the small details when the overall product looks amazing.  But for those of us that do care, let’s take a slightly closer look at some of its features. A front page story in the New York Post did a better job introducing the eagerly awaited Big Apple gizmo.
First and foremost, the Apple watch will offer three separate price ranges with several different options for wristbands.  The most affordable one starts at $350 for an aluminum casing. The second tier ranges between $550-$1,050 and features a stainless steel exterior. Last, but certainly not least, is Apple’s luxury version of wearable technology…in other words, luxe-tech. The 18-karat golden watch shall retail at around $10,000. People may wonder if such an expensive piece is worthy of Rolex status considering the probable release of a newer version in the foreseeable future. Perhaps it may not be a stable investment like the aforementioned but when you have that much money to freely spend on a small accessory (or techcessory), does it matter?
You can receive calls, messages and mails from your smartwach. In fact, from there you can easily transfer them over to your smartphone for further interaction.  You can also use voice command to dictate a text. To further develop new forms of communication between two people, Apple introduces tapping.  That’s using your finger to send customized taps to an individual.  They will appear as colorful sparkles that then fade away into tech oblivion. Or you can quickly draw a little something on its screen and share with the world.
Of course it will monitor your physical activity, for it even knows if you are sitting or standing. Reach your fitness goals through its workout app and receive detailed information of all you’ve done (from walking to swimming because yes, the Apple watch is water and sweat resistant).
The introduction by CEO Cook didn’t get Wall Street’s blood boiling as analysts found some faults.  You can’t send email with it, or cruise the internet. The super chic design of this smartest watch yet should appeal to women who haven’t been enchanted by much of wearable tech’s fashion quotient.
Personally, I am amused and amazed by the huge hype and just as curious as the next person.  I do look forward to its release and later reincarnations as well as its certain effects on the growing popularity of wearable technology.