One’s golden years are hoped to contain plenty of rest and relaxation but sadly this is not always the case.  The elderly often deal with stress and fleeting health.  This is taxing not just for them but also for their friends and family.  Jean Anne Booth witnessed both her mother and aunt turn 80 and deal with vulnerability. Yet current emergency response products proved to lack one thing or another.  Booth then turned her technological background into creating the Kanega watch for seniors.  Although it looks and functions like a watch, it offers life-saving features to the wearer without provoking a loss of independence and dignity.  Kanega is waterproof and therefore can be worn throughout the day and night.  There is no need to learn how to operate buttons because it is activated via voice command.  It has a built-in GPS system and can send out alerts to take medication as well.  The Kanega can detect a sudden fall and immediately connect to its emergency contact list.  Jean Anne Booth has set up a Kickstarter campaign and is set to debut the Kanega watch by fall of this year.  Her estimated retail price is currently set at $299.