Just a few months ago, I reported on the Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag With Light.  The designer handbag retailed for $5,000 with the capabilities to light up when opened and charge your cell phone.  Realizing that not everyone can afford such a luxury, the Leoht company is in the process of debuting a woman’s bag with the same functions.  An added bonus is that it can charge more than one electronic device at a time.  The fine leather tote has two USB ports that keep your smartphone and tablet (for example) charging while on the go.  Leoht is just days away from finishing its fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  For a very reasonable price of $149, you can purchase your own Leoht tech bag and have it in your hands by October of this year.  Choose from either black or brown and from two different styles.  The order comes with a wireless charging plate that your new handbag rests on while having its batteries replenished.