The bindi dot plays a significant role in the lives of Indian women.  Different variations and colors not only decorate the space between the eyebrows but also have cultural and religious meanings.  In many developing countries, iodine deficiency can lead to diseases such as breast cancer.  Yet many people may not have the knowledge to take action nor the money to invest in supplements.  In order to assist these women and girls, a medical foundation has teamed up with an ad agency to create the Life Saving Dot campaign.  What looks like a typical bindi with an adhesive back is also a health wearable that infuses the wearer’s body with a daily dose of iodine.  Sheets of these life enhancing bindis have recently begun being passed out in rural areas throughout India. It truly is a wonderful thing when we can apply science and technology to beauty and art when it comes from the heart.


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  1. A really great idea….taking something that is traditional, and adding something to it that helps provide essential nutrients & vitamins….inexpensive & effect = really great!

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