Robots & Fashion:


How soon do you think we will start to own robots the way we own cars? Movies like ROBOT & FRANK and television shows such as AMC’s HUMANS picture them as  assisting  our lives.  Therefore, how could I cover fashion and wearable technology without wondering how robots are going to affect my interests?  Have you ever wondered how you would you dress your robot? Are you familiar with Asuna?  She’s a hyperreal android…which pretty much means that she could easily pass as someone’s doppelgänger except that she is man/woman-made.  She was created in Japan and resembles a teenage girl who is into Cosplay.  Her head slowly moves as her eyes blink.  Her lips can part to display her peppermint white teeth while her skin is made to feel like your very own…which can either be seen as cool or kind of creepy.  She, like many other previous robotic inventions, is not yet available to purchase, but it’s time to start thinking about the impact robots are going to have on us. If I did own a robot I’m not at all sure how I would want it to dress if even that.  We dress our pets…so I’m betting you’ll want to dress your robot, too!