Laura Thapthimkuna has created her very first fully 3D printed design called the Vortex Dress. It is inspired by space and black holes and is currently being crowdfunded.  Below the fashion designer shares with us her thoughts:

Why use 3D printing technology to make this dress?

In my designs I have always tried to create structure and have been drawn to abstract geometry and silhouettes. I like the idea of design “beyond the body” and creating shapes and structures from negative space. When I discovered 3D printing through a friend, I found a way to execute theses designs I have had in my head.

What is the concept behind the dress?

I became very inspired by artistic interpretations of theories regarding time and space being twisted and distorted in the universe. I wanted to create a design that didn’t have a specific ending or beginning, something organic but with mathematical elements with swooping lines and spiraling textures.

Why use Kickstarter?

This is my first time ever attempting to crowdfund a design. I really hope that in doing this I’m able to share my work with more people and get others engaged within the possibilities of 3D printing.

What plans exist for the dress once the dress is complete?

After the Kickstarter campaign,  I plan to present the design to museums to exhibit, use in film, photo shoots, and present on the runway.

To get more information on the Vortex Dress and help fund it, visit: