Looks like there’s a mighty utilitarian jacket in the works.  It’s called the PowearIN and it has more things going on than we have time to discuss.  Therefore, I shall focus on some of its key elements.  First of all, it has a wide variety of pockets on the inside as well as the outside.  Plenty of space for just about everything.  What takes it up a notch is that in 5 separate locations on the jacket, you can charge your electronics.  In fact, you can be using all 5 charging stations at the same time.  Some offer wireless charging while others have an attached adapter.  There’s also a flashlight that can be attached to different parts of the jacket.  An awesome feature is an oversized button that serves as a control dial found on the front placket.  It can turn your chargers on or off, connect to your mobile music devices and play songs, start video recording or even take a photo from your preferred electronics. Perhaps my favorite part of this almighty jacket is its customized name plate.  It will light up your name in a variety of colors and blink just like a neon sign.  The PowearIN will debut next March for around $369.  It will be offered in 2 different styles, 2 separate colors per style and in a variety of sizes.