Sona is a brand new smart bracelet by Caeden, the makers of fashionable headphones and earbuds. This connected accessory works much like the other connected wrist wearables.  It tracks your heart rate, keeps tabs on all your calories burned, knows how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day, and so on.  Perhaps the biggest difference is that it actually looks like something you would want to wear.  It’s elegant, chic and not at all bulky.  Made from genuine leather, it can easily be combined with anything you have in your wardrobe.  What’s also cool is that it has its computer head on the inside. You can inconspicuously go about your day without anyone having the faintest idea your health is being monitored at every given moment.  Through the magic of Bluetooth, it connects to your smartphone and will even vibrate when it picks up an incoming call or text.  Sona’s slick and minimal appearance is great for both men and women.  Caeden is taking pre-orders for $199.99.  Pick from 3 separate color combinations and be on the lookout for its release next spring.