I was recently reminded of how healing it is to take walks in nature.  My immediate thoughts were of how I cringe to leave the house amid a cold winter day on the East Coast (with or without snow).  I was told that it’s not about embracing the cold as much as it is on how to get yourself warm enough so that you can enjoy the outside.  Well, starting this year, I can now purchase my very own Ravean heated down jacket with hoodie.  It’s powered by a USB battery that you slip onto the inside of a pocket as it connects to a cable sewn within.  By pressing a button on the jacket, you can choose from 3 separate heat settings.  So if you are absolutely freezing, you can choose the highest setting which will engage battery life for about two and a half hours. You can even place your cell phone into the jacket and have that charge up as well.  Ravean also offers a pair of gloves that can connect to the jacket and warm up your hands.  If you prefer no hoodie or perhaps a heated vest instead of a jacket, Ravean has that for you as well.  The other great thing about these products is that they are 100% washable.  The Ravean collection is made for both men and women and will be offered in 3 separate colors (black, blue, heather grey).  The price for a jacket may run for a couple of hundred dollars but from what I gather I see this as an absolute investment.